Dog in a meadow

Dogs are naturally intuitive and loyal. If you are reading this and you don’t have a dog, keep reading. I may still be able to help you. Our pets often act as an emotional buffer to us, and sometimes actually synchronise with how we are feeling. Dogs, and many other animals, may suffer from a past trauma or current upset, which may or may not be known to us.

A dog might feel boredom, depression, loneliness or have abandonment issues. Emotional upsets or trauma may present in a variety of ways, such as classic signs of anxiousness like pacing or whining. It might play out as excessive pillow humping or shaking with fright. Dogs are no more immune to emotional stressors than their fellow humans. Just like us, trauma can get stuck in their energy system.

I provide reiki and eft (tapping) to support dogs and their owners. Reiki helps with relaxation and general wellbeing. It is very gentle and up-lifting. I also use tapping, which is most useful in getting to the root of an issue. Sometimes it is important for me to work with the dog as the main client, and other times, it’s the dog’s best friend, you! Each dog is different.

I often choose to work with you as a surrogate on your dog’s behalf. This involves a little use of imagination and willingness to tap on yourself as we say certain phrases. I also teach you how to tap either as a surrogate or directly for your beloved pet. If you are curious and this sounds like something you would be interested in, please get in touch and book a free consultation today. Whether it’s simply providing your dog with a beautiful and relaxing reiki energy healing experience or committing to deeper work, I am honoured to support you and your dog. I also offer healing during end of life, as well as support for you during the grief process.

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