It’s such a relief for many children to safely feel and share their negative feelings. Often as well-meaning adults we’ll say, “Chin up!” in our efforts to support little ones. However, this can cause them to feel as if their emotions are not valid. With their limited context and understanding of the world, children may easily take on limiting beliefs, such as, “I have to be tough,” or “It’s not okay to cry,” or “It’s not safe to feel my feelings.” Tapping creates a safe space for uncomfortable thoughts to be acknowledged, and once this happens, positive statements can be used to establish a resilient and confident quality.

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In working with parents, I offer support and teach them how to use tapping to provide that safe space. The connection of empathy and support in releasing these feelings, means that these little experiences won’t build up and follow them into adulthood. Guilt, shame and feeling not good enough can be addressed safely and creatively. Each child is individual, and although the basic recipe is the same, the application of the technique may vary. These are things I can explain in a discovery call. If you are interested in how tapping can help you and your child, please book a chat today. Your child may be struggling to sleep, or you might feel they require emotional support. It could be a school related issue, or it may be associated with the home environment. I work one to one with children, as well as with the parent and child. Sometimes I work only with the parent.

I offer sessions on-line or within the child’s home. I can come dressed as a traditional fairy, a ninja fairy or just as myself. I often have my lovely Tapping Teddy Bear and encourage young children to choose a special teddy that can help them, too. I love teaching children about their magical buttons and how tapping on their invisible buttons under their skin can help them release worries and sad feelings.

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