I showed up at school on World Book Day with TinkerBell. I assumed all primary schools participated in the fun of dressing up as a character. I probably was the only parent that showed up with a child in costume. As soon as I realised that I’d made a mistake, I felt reactive. It was early morning, I needed to now go and drop off my other child to a different school. I took TinkerBell back home and dropped her off with her dad. I then dropped off my other child to his school, and returned home to collect my daughter who would have now changed into her school uniform. I hadn’t managed to create time to tap on my feelings. Rather than feel pressured to run out the door to drop my little one back off to school, as we were already late anyway, I chose to prioritise tapping on my feelings.

I tapped on my anger (which I may have unconsciously projected onto the lovely staff that greeted me). So, I also tapped on forgiveness for myself. As I tapped, I realised another aspect to my anger. I was angry at myself, as a part of me was judging myself for being ‘stupid’. I tapped a lot on my anger at the school, as well as, sadness underneath the anger. I was sad about what felt like a serious culture within the school. I felt sad that there was a missed opportunity for children to be fully in their element as creative and fun little beings. I also had to tap on my feelings of being disappointed for my daughter. It was exciting to get dressed up, and she was now having to get changed back into her school uniform.

 Her brother was going to be able to dress up at his school. I worried she would compare her situation and feel left out. As one continues to tap and check their emotions, there are often many aspects that come up that are not initially obvious. It’s important that I tapped on my feelings and the attachment I felt towards her having fun on world book day, as already, I would have projected my anger about the situation onto my daughter during the car journey home. I didn’t want this to continue.

Initially, I tried to hide from my feelings and push the anger and sadness away, mostly because I needed to continue to be in action mode and get my kids dropped off to school. However, I was happy once I eventually stopped to become mindful and clear the negative emotions. It meant self-care for me and also my child. Once I had cleared the negative emotion, I was then able to have clarity. I noticed that when I got home, my husband was playing a game with her in the living room. Once I’d tapped and cleared my anger, I then tapped on my gratitude. I was grateful that I had such a caring father for our little one. Although he had a lot of work from home to get on with, he prioritised her needs. I tapped on feeling gratitude that she has so many things right in her life. When we got into the car, I had a lovely energy that I was feeling within me. It created space for me to think of a different technique for tapping with Tapping Teddy. 

I intuitively felt that my daughter wouldn’t want to tap on words such as ‘anger and sadness’. She was already tuned into the residual effects of the experience. I checked if she would like to tap with Tapping Teddy. I asked her to just take note of her feelings and where she might feel them in her body. I asked her what kind of container she could put these into so these feelings felt safe and where would she put the container. She invented a fuchsia pink bottle with a heart shape and placed it in the garden. As the tapping evolved she tapped on placing sunflowers around this container. She tapped on Tapping Bear the entire time, which really helped to externalise the problem, but also feel supported and heard. Our tapping Bear has the tapping points sewn onto his face and body. Without having to get into the grit of the feelings, she was able to allow acceptance of them. This technique brought through transformation, which was evident in her body language and her facial expressions. She was really happy when I dropped her off at school.

This example illustrates how something so small and seemingly not a big deal could actually snowball into creating a stressful day. Daily tapping is a tool that can be so powerful and doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes. Each time we choose to allow our uncomfortable feelings and to tap on them, we are creating more space to then share the best version of ourselves with our families and the world. Eventually, we find ourselves becoming less reactive and nipping it in the bud much sooner. Resilience to change becomes more accessible. Happiness increases. There is movement out of old patterns and a return to our true nature. Tapping helps us to move out of serious and back into our child-like sense of creativity. Adults also find tapping on Teddy helps them. Possibly this can be explained by mirror neurons.

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