Does this sound like you?

“I feel disconnected from myself or the world.” 

“I feel lonely and unseen by others.”

“I avoid situations that might make me feel powerless.”

“I feel not good enough.”

“I feel anxious and fearful in the present.”

“There are memories I’d like to escape.”

“I feel numb.” 

“I feel overwhelmed.”

“I feel guilt and shame.”

How is your relationship with yourself and others?

“It’s affecting my family and I struggle to communicate.”

“My inner critic is looking for proof in my environment and interactions from people to confirm I am not good enough.”

“I withdraw. I feel hopeless.”

“I pretend I’m okay. I fake happiness and that I’m coping.”

What thoughts surface?

”I’m lonely and no one gets me.”

“I’ll never be free from this pain.” 

“It’s not safe to be me. I’m frightened.”

“No one understands or cares.”

What are the consequences if you stay with the same thoughts each day?

An uncomfortable place becomes a comfort zone because you know it. It feels vulnerable to trust someone, but….

Stepping out of the comfort zone will open a magical path that is both healing and transformative in such a way you could never imagine. Not only are you healing yourself, but your family heals, too. 

You deserve to have a voice and break free. You deserve to feel safe to be yourself. You deserve to have a good night’s sleep.

What thoughts or behaviours are leading you along the same, familiar track, and potentially preventing you from living a deeply fulfilling and happy life?

When unresolved trauma gets stuck within our body, it leads to negative emotions and thoughts which have a surprisingly greater impact on our perception and self worth than we realise. 

Sometimes we want to run away from our problems and emotions. 

We resist our uncomfortable feelings and try to avoid them at all costs.

But what if I told you that awareness is the first step toward transforming yourself into the person that you wish to be. Accepting exactly where you are in this moment. It takes courage to open up and to trust someone to hold space for you to heal. Emotional Freedom Technique is a gentle and safe technique which can help you transform into the free, liberated and happiest version of yourself, which you fully deserve to experience. 

This new shift in your energy creates choices, creativity in conflict, resilience and a permanent reduction or collapse of PTSD symptoms all together.

Free yourself from what you feel is inescapable. Your decision to receive help may lead not only towards a place of deep healing and peace for yourself but also your story may inspire others who could benefit from your encouragement to seek help, because you understand exactly what they are experiencing, too. 

Your next step could be to book a free 30 minute consultation with me to see if working together feels like the right fit. If you have any questions, you can contact me via email at 

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