As a wellbeing practitioner, I was surprised to hear only a few days ago, that my own daughter, age 6, was feeling worried about who she would play with on the playground. On most days when I would pick her up from school and ask about her day, she would often tell me the good things. If she was quiet, I assumed she was tired. As children are often experiencing present moment awareness, it’s possible she was usually happy and giving me positive responses because, in that moment of connecting with her mummy, she was happy. It was only at a parent teacher meeting that her ‘unsettled’ feelings were highlighted. It turned out, she was returning from the play area, and choosing to stay in the library. At the end of the last school summer term, we had relocated to a new home in a new location, due to my husband’s new job posting. I was aware that my dear daughter was still missing her friends and sometimes she would say that she missed our old home. When such moments occurred, as parents, my husband and I would acknowledge her feelings and do our best to spin a positive on the situation and our new adventure as a family.  

Having tapped through a lot of my own issues, I observed how I felt calm and non-judgemental with myself around the situation. However, when I delved deeper, there was a sadness that I felt around my own child having to experience her discomfort. This was the day after I had received this new information from the parent teacher meeting. I found myself acknowledging that I was so relieved that my EFT tapping had led me to no longer beat myself up and drown in parent guilt. There was a sense that it was really okay that this was happening, a real acceptance around the fact that it could happen to anyone. However, as I was walking through the woods and tuned into my feelings, I felt the deep sadness for my little one having to go through this worry of not knowing who to play with. As I walked my dog, Juno, I spent two minutes tapping on all of my feelings for her until I felt calm, light and peaceful. 

My daughter has had some experience with Tapping Teddy before, a handful of times where she was willing and enjoyed the experience. However, I must admit, quite a few attempts were met with resistance. Potential reasons for this, my over enthusiasm about my new passion with tapping, along with the attachment to the outcome that she would love it, could have resulted in the resistance to engage. It’s possible that tapping on her own special teddy, may have not felt right for her, and maybe the official tapping teddy makes it feel safer. Children are individuals, and naturally, not all will find tapping teddy appealing. Maybe it was about the timing, or that she was in a phase of being in control and saying no. That evening, having tapped on my own emotions earlier that day (and letting go of attachment to her choice), I offered Tapping Teddy as a way to explore her feelings about her friends. This time, Georgia actually was really quite keen to tap with Tapping Teddy. I really feel having recently purchased a special Teddy and having special buttons sewn in place, has made it seem more fun and magical. I remembered other EFT practitioners recommended re-introducing tapping teddy with children, just like you would with trying a new food. When they are ready and willing, only then is it the right time to tap. It is always important to first tap on your own feelings as a parent, before you tap with your child. Clearing your own emotional energy around the situation your child is experiencing, is absolutely paramount. Having already tapped on my feelings about what my daughter was possibly feeling, I was able to offer a calm nurturing energy, without attachment, judgement or a need to control an outcome. She was happy to start tapping. Had she not been content to do so, I may have considered surrogate tapping. Sometimes a parent can tap on the Tapping Teddy for their child as they listen to the story about their concerns and worries, and this can be so beneficial.

We began tapping a round on all of the negative emotions she felt when she imagined being in that moment where she was going to decide who to play with at break time. She said, ‘scared and worried”. I asked my daughter to do a body scan with her magic hands, and to notice where she felt these feelings. She told me “sick in my tummy”. We tapped on her answers. We tapped, “Even though I feel worried and scared when I think about who I should play with on the playground, I’m a really great kid.” We also tapped on feeling “safe” and “mummy and daddy love me.” We tapped on it being okay that she didn’t feel okay. We eventually found ourselves tapping on positive re-frames. She tapped on stepping through the worry, and allowing herself to be brave. She loved saying this word “Brave”. We tapped on what a lovely personality she has, and who is she not to share that!? We tapped about knowing that we are all different and that is a good thing, and that it is okay to feel shy, but that she doesn’t have to stay there. She can choose to be her own best friend, and say really loving and encouraging thoughts. 

The next morning was a rush, and I grabbed Tapping Teddy. On the way to school, I asked my daughter to imagine that she was about to go on the play ground. We tapped on any residual feelings, and she tapped on how she wanted to feel, “really happy and brave.” She took Tapping Teddy with her, in case she might need to tap again. After school, my daughter told me that she went outside, and couldn’t see the friends that she had decided in her mind that she was going to play with. She told me that she didn’t panic. She went inside and used the toilet. Then she found Tapping Teddy, and she tapped on her own, saying the most beautiful and magical words. She tapped on the situation, and tapped soothing positive re-frames. I felt so happy that she was able to independently tap on her own, to let go of her fears. She went back outside and she saw her two friends. She had a great time playing with them. She told me she didn’t panic at all.

The day after, we took Tapping Teddy in the car with us. My dear daughter was in such a good mood. She scanned her body and didn’t feel any disharmony or uncomfortable feeling. She told me she really felt good. So, we tapped on feeling even better. “I want to feel happy, like a rainbow, like walking on sunshine, I want to share my awesomeness with everyone” and then we she tapped and sang our simple song of “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine, this little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine, let it shine, let it shine….nothing will stop me from letting my light shine, I am meant to shine.” I’m happy to say, more than a week later, playtime at lunch break has been a real success. Teddy is a regular passenger in our car journey as we head out to school. Not necessarily to tap on negatives, but when we are feeling good, to tap on the positives. This morning we tapped on having self-respect and being our own best friend. The theme was around treating ourselves with kindness allows us to share our beautiful heart space and treat other’s with the same respect and kindness. We tapped on connecting from our heart space and acknowledging how we shine from within. One of our favourite tapping phrases is “rainbow face” and “walking on sunshine”. The great thing about tapping is, you really can’t get it wrong. It can be so fun and creative! Children love to express their ideas and ownership of how they would like to feel. It cultivates leadership, acceptance and security about their identity. Also, children really feel like they’ve been listened to and heard. This is so empowering for them, and such a gift to receive from their parent.

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