EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as tapping, is like emotional acupuncture. Instead of stimulating the acupressure points with needles, you use your fingers to tap on the specific energy points. It works to release trapped feelings, emotions or experiences. As you are tuned into a negative feeling or sensation, tapping neutralises the discomfort. A set-up statement and phrases are used during the tapping. It works for physical pain, limiting beliefs and can be applied to current upsets or past trauma.

Tapping can highlight limiting beliefs you may have taken on as a child. As you tap and release memories associated with negative feelings and beliefs, remarkable shifts happen, and you begin to understand a new and more authentic truth about yourself.

Most people are surprised how quickly EFT releases uncomfortable feelings. It’s important to tap on the negative emotions and allow positive feelings and cognitive shifts to come naturally. Often what you experience as a problem in your present day, is rooted in beliefs created before the age of 7. When working with adults, I am more often working with their inner child.

Children often internalise experiences in a limited context. Left unprocessed, this can create negative beliefs and follow into adulthood. EFT works for most people.  For some clients, huge success and elimination of an issue has happened in as little as 4-6 sessions. However, many aspects are at play and each person is unique. How long an issue has been present, the depth of the presenting problem and psychological resistance surrounding the desire to heal are just some details which can affect treatment time.  

With all of that said, EFT has changed my life! 

Tapping fingers

As you see these unconscious beliefs for what they are, your thoughts and perspective transform. EFT magically detangles old patterns, and rewires your brain to take on healthier beliefs. It helps to shape your experiences and ways of responding to life from a calm and centred place. Clarity and understanding of yourself brings peace. You essentially become more comfortable in expressing who you are. 

EFT can be used for general, on the surface  issues as they arrive, in order to feel better. For instance, self-tapping in the present moment as soon as an uncomfortable feeling occurs can relieve anxiety and signals to your brain that you are safe. It is helpful for both children and parents to relieve any stress at the end of the day in preparation for a good night’s sleep.

One could think of EFT as a tool which helps to keep your thoughts clean and tidy. I imagine it as a key. It has the potential to unlock a divine awareness within that can free you from thoughts, reactions, patterns of behaviour, or painful memories which do not serve your highest potential. EFT can be colourful, imaginative and magical in how it is applied. It really has no limitations.

EFT is so simple to learn, and yet, it is deeply transformative. It can be used alongside a practitioner or on your own. In working with clients, it is not necessary for me to know the story. If there are feelings of shame or embarrassment around a story, then don’t tell your story. I have facilitated sessions in this way, and magical shifts have happened.

Ashley tapping teddy with school children
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