Reiki is a gentle Japanese energy healing method founded by Mikao Usui in the early 20th century. Rei translates as Spirit, Divine, Source. Ki translates as Universal Energy or Universal Life Force Energy. The energy is naturally guided and may promote wellbeing within spiritual, emotional or physical aspects of healing.  

Reiki practitioners have received training and attunements to this energy. The practitioner acts as a conduit for the energy and utilises symbols during the treatment. With intention it is drawn through the crown of their head, and then flows through into their hands to the client. The person on the receiving end may sense or feel the energy in the form of tingling sensations, warmth or occasionally coolness.

As a Reiki client, you may receive the Reiki lying down or sitting, fully clothed. You may find it comfortable to remove your shoes, and are welcome to have a cozy blanket. As the practitioner, I will lightly place my hands on chakra areas of the body head to toe, avoiding sensitive areas. Reiki may be given distantly, too. 

Reiki is beneficial and safe for adults (including pregnant women) and children. It may also be given to animals and plants. Reiki is not a substitute for medical treatment. It is a therapy that can complement any existing treatment you are currently having. It holistically works from within to clear blockages and emotional imbalances.

At the beginning of your Reiki session, I will check whether you are happy for light touch to be used. I do not talk during the treatment, and I generally tune in with my eyes closed, except when moving into a new position. I generally start at the top of your head and work my way through, finishing at the tops of your feet. Relaxing music plays in the background. You may like to use an eye pillow or an extra cushion under your knees. If you need to move or change your position during a session then please do, it will not interrupt the flow.

Reiki Serene

What You Might Experience

Most people find they are extremely calm and relaxed during a session. Some people fall asleep.

Some people may experience a slight jittering of movement in their body as the Reiki is integrating and clearing stuck energy. 

Reiki can shift emotions that are under the surface. If you experience a sudden release and find that you are crying, just allow it to flow. Afterwards, you will likely feel calm, and like a huge weight has been lifted. 

Sometimes people experience a meditative state of relaxation and may see beautiful colours or receive insights.

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